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Pool Care & Supplies

Pool Cue Care

  • Prevent your cue from warping, avoid leaning your cue against tables & walls for extended periods of time.
  • Replace the tip when it is worn, Bullseye provides a tip replacement service for $12.95.
  • Keep tips scuffed. Your pool tip is made of many layers of leather and it holds chalk better when it is scuffed.


Pool Table

  • The home team is responsible for the pool table, which should be clean, level, and in good working order.
  • If leveling is needed before play, you may call Bullseye service (as early as possible, at 608-241-3345 ext. 1).


Supplies & Services available at Bullseye

  • Cues
  • Breaking Cues
  • Jump Cues
  • Cases
  • Cue Claw
  • Purple Dot Cue Balls
  • Chalk
  • Tip Replacement
  • Shaft Tune-Up
  • Cue weight change