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Darts Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sanction fee?

The sanction fee is a once a year fee that must be paid by all Bullseye League players. It must be paid on the first night of play in order to avoid any late fees. Each team is responsible for taking their own sanction fees to a drop off location (see below). This fee does not get put into the dart board.

Sanctions are good starting in September, thru August of the following year. 

If a SUMMER LEAGUE player did not pay/play the previous league season, a one time $5 player fee is due.



What are the drop off locations?

Bowl-A-Vard – leave in drop-box near popcorn machine/kitchen doors

Pitcher’s Pub
Tower Inn
Wandos – there is a drop box next to the Touch Tunes jukebox.

Except where noted, take your unsealed envelope to a bartender. They will recount the money and sign the receipt. Keep this in case of any discrepancies at the end of the season.


What is a Kitty Fee?

This is a fee paid by every player every week. This is the money what will be paid back 100% to the teams as prize money at the end of the season. Every team that finishes that league will get money back.


How do I set up the board to play leagues?

  • Select League Menu
  • Select Play League
  • Select the correct League
  • Select the Home Team
  • Make any changes to the Home team players
  • Select “Choose Visiting Team”
  • Pay Home Team’s league kitty fees into the machine.
  • Select Visiting Team
  • Make any changes to the Visiting team players
  • Select “Start Match”
  • Pay Visiting Team’s league kitty fees into the machine.
  • Screen will show which players are in the first game and will show that there are zero credits in the board. Pay the required credits for this game or pay enough money to pay all the games.
  • Select “Start Game”


When I set up the board why aren’t all my players listed for my team?

The dart board sets up the first 4 players (on a 4 person team – 2 on a 2 person team) listed on your roster as “regular” players. It assumes that these players will be playing the majority of the matches. The other players listed on your roster are still available for you to use by changing the player order.


What can I do if my name is spelled incorrectly on the board?

Call Bullseye League Office (241-7888 ext. 3) and get us the correct spelling so that we can change it.


How do I add a new player to my team?

This must be done at the dart board. After you have selected your team you are prompted to set up your team. Select the person that is missing and then select “New Substitute”. Type in the person’s full name by using the dart face as the shown on the screen. If this player is not currently a Sanctioned Bullseye League player, you must fill out a player update form and turn that in along with their sanction fee to a Drop Off Location.


FOR HANDICAPPED LEAGUES: After adding the new players name to the current roster, push the up or down arrow until the "0.0" average is highlighted.  Push the red select button to modify the average.  If no known average, use 2.0 for Cricket and 18 PPD for 301. 


How can I change the player order?

If this is one time change it must be done at the dart board. If you have a permanent change, call the Bullseye League Office and we will do it for you.


What if I don’t have enough players on my team who can play a match?

You can either:
  1. Find another person to add to your team.
  2. Find someone who will sub for you that night – you can grab someone off a barstool.
  3. Reschedule the match.


What if I have to reschedule a match?

You must call:
  1. The Bullseye League Office (241-7888 ext. 3)
  2. The other team’s captain
  3. The home bar
To inform them that you need to reschedule a match. Be sure everyone knows you can not play!


The other team had to reschedule a match and have never called to set up a make-up date.

It is both Captains’ responsibilities to set up a make-up match. Try calling the other Captain to reschedule the match. Check the schedule and see where that team is playing some week and call them at the bar. All players will be there and you can set up a convenient time for all with a single phone call!


I threw a dart and it scored on the wrong players score.

It is the player’s responsibility to make sure the board is displaying their name to throw the darts. Advance the board to the correct player and you get to throw your remaining darts. You can not re-throw the dart that scored on the incorrect player.


As I was pulling out my darts, I accidentally scored on another player’s score.

Press the top button to “back up” all darts that were scored in error. This feature corrects the problem easily!


I threw a dart, it stuck in the board but did not score – do I get the score?

No. You have to go with what the dart board scores – The saying is: “The dart board is always right.” Unless it is the game winning dart.


I threw a dart but it missed the board – can I throw it again?

No. You can not re-throw a dart that has already been thrown. A dropped dart, however, can be picked up and thrown.


I got to zero in 301 but the other team got the win – how come?

When a player reaches zero in 301, the game is over. Since 301 is a team sport, the team with the lowest combined score wins the game. If the scores are tied, the player that reached zero will win the game.


Does Bullseye ever cancel darts due to bad weather?

No. If you do not feel comfortable driving to darts, call the other team to reschedule. Bullseye will not allow a forfeit win on nights of bad weather. We want you to be safe.  Please also contact the bar where the match is supposed to be played, as well as the league office.


What do I do if I am having problems with Bullseye equipment?

Ask the bartender to call Bullseye’s Service Department (241-7888 ext. 1). Leave a message stating the bar, the problem and that you are in a league match.


Who do I call if I have questions about my league?

Call the Bullseye League office at 241-7888 ext. 3. We are in the office Monday thru Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm . If we are not available to take your call, please leave us a message and we will return your call.
If you are having a problem during league play and need immediate help, call our League Cell phone at 576-7005 between 5:00 and 10:00 . We are always here to help!