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Pool Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a problem during league and need to call Bullseye?

If a problem arises that cannot be resolved between the team captains, please call the Bullseye Pool League Time Cell Phone at 608-576-7006.


During the day, and to leave messages that do not need to be addressed immediately, contact the League Headquarters office line: 608-241-7888 ext 3.


Where are the Drop Off Locations?

  • Tower Inn
  • Wilson's
  • Pitcher’s Pub
  • Monkeyshines
  • Bowl-a-vard - leave in drop box (next to popcorn machine & kitchen doors)
  • Wandos - leave in drop box (next to Touch Tunes jukebox)


Who brings the scoresheet and envelope?

The home team captain is responsible for BOTH the scoresheet and the envelope.

The scoresheets are 3 part carbonless copies. The visiting team keeps track on the pink copy, the home team keeps score on the white and yellow copies. It's a good idea to check with the other team periodically throughout the match to make sure scores agree, to avoid a problem at the end of the match! The white copy gets signed at the end by both captains and should be included in the envelope with any kitty money paid.


What are the fees?

Weekly fees are $5 (except Vegas league: $10). Captains are responsible to make sure their FULL team kitty is paid each night. Kitty fees are collected weekly and then distributed as prize money at the end of the season.

Late kitty fees or sanctioning fees are subject to late fees at Bullseye’s discretion.

Each game costs $1 – players split the quarters.

Player/Sanction fee: $15. (Breakmasters, Vegas and Hotshots also pay $15 for BCA sanctioning)

Player/Sanction fees are paid annually. (At beginning of fall season; good for all sessions fall, winter and following summer)

** SUMMER: any player who did not play in the previous fall/winter season will need to pay a one-time $5 player fee on their first night of play.


Can my team use subs?

Of course! Each team is allowed to use six “subs” that are not added to their roster. Just put “sub” on the scoresheet! The kitty fee will be due for subs, but they will not need to pay a sanction fee.

If you have someone sub that is sanctioned on another Bullseye team (must be from a different league!), you might just want to add them to your roster, so not to use up one of the free subs. 

IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS:  Any sub brought in must be of similar shooting ability as the player they are shooting for.  Any questions about a sub should be addressed BEFORE the match begins.  On the scoresheet write NEW PLAYER: FULL NAME (player's first and last name)



Who fills out the line-up first on the scoresheet? (who plays who and when?)

The home team chooses and fills out their line-up first, the visiting team then sets their line up. On the scoresheet, there are boxes indicating which players are opponents in each game. The boxes are lined up vertically showing who is playing who. The home team follows their order throughout the match, the visitors rotate so that each player on one team plays each player on the other team. (This is all indicated by the boxes on the scoresheet!)


What if all my players aren’t present at the match start time?

The match may be started before all players are present. A missing player has until the start of their second game before they must forfeit their first round game. If a player misses their first game (and all other games in the round have been played) they receive a ZERO and the opponent receives a 10. Mark the missing player’s score box with an F indicating forfeit.


What if the other team doesn’t show up?

It’s possible they were confused as to what home bar you were shooting at – try and locate them. If you cannot contact or locate them, you need to call the Bullseye League office that night and leave a message on the League Hotline Voicemail. Only team stats will be counted for a forfeit – individual stats will not be affected. Both teams will need to pay double kitty fees the following week.


What if my team needs to reschedule a match?

Call the opposing team’s captain. (You got a list of all the captain’s phone #s in your folder!) Work out a different time to play the match. This must be done before 5 pm on the night of play. Bullseye MUST be notified if a match is rescheduled. (241-7888 ext 3)


What if the weather is terrible and my team can’t make it to the match?

Bullseye will not call off all leagues because of weather. The choice to reschedule a match due to weather is left up to the individual teams. If you determine your team cannot make it to the match, contact the opposing team captain to reschedule. Also contact the Bullseye League Office to let us know the match won’t be played AND contact the home bar to let them know it won’t be played. This must be done before 5 pm on the night of play.


What if the pool table is not working? (quarters jammed/needs to be leveled/etc)

Notify the bartender ASAP – they should contact Bullseye Service (241-7888 ext 1) immediately and a service technician will be out to take care of it!


Who takes the envelope/scoresheet at the end of the night?

The visiting team is responsible for getting the envelope containing the completed scoresheet and any fees paid to a Drop off point. If it cannot be dropped off the same night as the match, you must call Bullseye and let the office know when it will be turned in.